November 18, 2013



This past May, I was commissioned to do a painting for Robert and Courtney Frazee. Courtney wanted to surprise Robert with a gift, as he was launching into a new business with his father. Many times I have driven past one of these irrigation systems and have always wanted to paint one. I felt this would capture the faith and hard work of a business start up. The painting's title is based on 
1 Corinthians 3:6 "I (Paul) planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase". Whether in finance, vocational ministry, motherhood, or farming, we are called to be faithful planters and waterers. After doing that, we must rely on God to provide the increase. Sometimes the increase does not come, other times it comes in immeasurable amounts . Nevertheless, we are called to be faithful in our planting and watering. My prayer for The Frazee's is for faithfulness in the planting and watering. I also pray this painting will serve as a reminder of that call. May God provide the increase.

This painting is approx 30x40 and painted with acrylic. The desire was to capture a morning scene in mid summer. The irrigation system has a silhouette feel to it and the green areas on the ground represent new growth. One great outcome of this was that the road and barns in the background, reminded Robert of times growing up when he and his father would go hunting. I did not intend to capture that, but was something unique that God built into the painting for Robert. Thank you Frazee's for the opportunity to paint this!

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