May 28, 2015

Spring 2015

"Walking in Memphis"

Painted for Jason and Brandi Holbrook as a gift for their time in Memphis. The painting is of St. Peter's Catholic Church where they worshipped while in Memphis. They walked with Our Lord so well in Memphis, thus how the title was born.

"New Life"

This piece was painted for Doyle and Lisa Baker. Lisa is battling cancer and was a surprise gift from her sweet husband Doyle. The painting captures the vibrant spring colors showing new life and weaves in a church in the background to represent our new life through Christ. The blooms on the tree also are "breast cancer pink" to represent Lisa battling so well. 


This piece was painted for Will and Katrina Moore for their wedding anniversary. It is the chapel at Bonn Terre in Nesbit MS where they were married. It is painted on pine and constructed to resemble the chapel door at Bonn Terre. The title "1+1=1" is a phrase I often use when counseling couples in their pre-marital sessions. It has blessed Erin and I in our marriage even 13 years later to remember that God has created 1 new entity in marriage. The color scheme was chosen to match their new living room decor and to reflect the time of year (May) in which they were married.