April 12, 2012

"Light and Life"...Saint Mary's Fundraiser

I was honored to submit a painting for a fundraiser at Saint Mary's School (Olivia's school). In thinking through what to do, I started with 2 ideas...First to involve something that involves Olivia since she attends school there and secondly, something that reflects Saint Mary's mantra "Light and Life". With summer upon us, I have also been reflecting on doing more in my "30A" series. It all began to tie together.

Some of my favorite times with Olivia have been at the beaches around 30A. This is also a place that to me and our family brings out much light and life. Vacations, especially at the beach are filled with joyful laughter in the bright sun and are the height of family fun for us.

I wanted to capture beach houses resting upon a shore. I had painted a similar scheme before for the art show and was one painting that I connected with. There were some changes on this painting, slightly with color and the houses. This painting was also something I painted with Olivia earlier this month...sort of. With my torn achilles, I am confined to painting on the floor while in my cast. Looking for creative ways to spend time with the kids, I decided to paint some with Olivia one day. We did a similar work up with her flare!

In many ways this reflects Olivia to us....a wonderful daughter full of Light and Life. Hope the winning bidder enjoys such a special painting to us. We are blessed by Saint Mary's and excited to give back a piece of our family.

                                                                   Liv At Easter

                                                         "Beside the Sea" #3 in 30A series