June 27, 2014


This is a recent painting I did for Robert and Courtney Frazee's anniversary. It is titled "Promises". It was good for me to reflect on the promise of marriage to my bride, Erin while I painted this. For the Frazee's it has much symbolism. Working left to right, the fence is broken which symbolizes Courtney's experience growing up in a home where her parents divorced. The church is symbolic of the Gospel in her and Robert's life and also points back to their wedding day. The tree to the right is one tree with two main branches symbolizing the two of them becoming "one". The swing on the branch symbolizes their children. The greenish flower buds on the tree symbolize the new family created in marriage. My prayer for the Frazee's is that their marriage and the "promises" they made on their wedding day will continue to be a picture of the Gospel for their family and those around them even through future generations of Frazee's.