April 2, 2013

Seeking Shalom

Shalom is a word often translated as "peace" in the Bible. It carries a deeper meaning though. More accurately it carries a meaning of things being made as they should be. A meaning of being made right. Isn't that what Easter is about? On a spiritual realm, things were made right? We cant always articulate Shalom, but we know it...at least glimpses of it. We see it in our kids hearts, in our spouse and community. We see it partially every Sunday at church. In certain moments and in people, we see a reflection of a coming day where every second will be perfect. This is what the Resurrection points us to. It provides hope and certainty that all will be made as it should be. A final, eternal shalom.

I recently painted this for the Geer family (pictured below). It is called "Seeking Shalom". It tethered me to the LORD deeper during this season of reflection on the resurrection. I am thankful to be a part of this special piece for their family.


                                                              "Seeking Shalom"

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