March 27, 2012


The past few months have been a whirlwind. We traveled to Ethiopia in December to meet our new daughter Naomi, appeared in front of their court and legally became parents again. The days were long, but finally in March we traveled back to Ethiopia to get her forever. We have been "cocooning" (intentionally quietening our lives and staying close to home while she attaches to us as parents). Throughout this process, God has showed us so much about his love for us and the Gospel has entrenched itself deeper in our hearts. I have taken off a few months from painting other than a couple of Christmas gifts due to being so busy. I tore my achilles and had surgery 2 weeks ago. I am immobile and have been getting cabin fever. I was physically unable to paint until a few days ago. I lay in the floor instead of using my easel and stool. Nevertheless, it has helped keep me sane while waiting to get the cast off. I am doing a painting for St. Mary's School fundraiser. I have decided to paint a beach series as I head into summer. More will come after I finish it, but am excited to be creating again.

Here is a pic of Naomi. She will be 3 in May. It has been a blessing to paint things for people as part of our adoption fundraising process. The art show in November went well.