December 20, 2012

Holy Ground

I was recently commissioned to paint a piece for Blake and Kelly Bourland. They are a sweet couple at our church and one we go back years with (Kelly was Erin's grand big sis in Tri-Delt). I was honored to do such a special piece for them. It is a painting of the Chapel at Bonne Terre where the Bourland's were married. Bonne Terre is an Inn in Nesbit MS. Such a beautiful place The painting is in the shape of the chapel door and is constructed of pine. The word Bonne Terre literally means "good ground". In an area full of tough clay, there are many areas with fertile farmland. Much of the fertility of this area comes from flooding from the Mississippi River, leaving rich deposits it has carried downstream. Ground goes from poor to good by an overflowing deposit of minerals. In a greater yet similar fashion, poor ground becomes holy in the same overflowing deposit of God's presence and love.

Marriage is a holy union. A covenant before God and men that reflects God's glory to the world (marriage was the first institution created by God, the church came later). As Blake and Kelly stood before God that day and committed vows to each other, God was there and God was pleased. They literally were standing on Holy Ground. Their marriage continues to be a reflection to those around them of God's love.

"Holy Ground"

Merry Christmas! May you each experience God's presence this Advent season as we see God's ultimate act of overflowing love...sending Jesus to be our Emmanuel, God with us, who takes away the sins of the world. May we long for the eternal Holy Ground, Heaven.

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