July 8, 2012

Recent Work

I wanted to post a couple of recent paintings. The first was a commission piece for some family friends "Porter's Path". This may have been the most complicated painting I have ever done. The walking path took a while to get right with angles. It is a painting based off of a photo (shown below) from a walk the Porter's took back in February. I added some color of a fall scene to bring some coordinating colors  to match their beautiful new home. It was a blessing to do for them. The second is #6 in the "Red Door" series. I had long wanted to paint one of the "Red Door" series on wood plank. The wood pallet and frame are hand made of cedar. I have enjoy working with wood in the actual construction of the pallet but also in how the paint applies to it. In subtle ways it can be shaped differently. It is challenging as using a pallet knife with thick impasto gel makes for some uneven strokes (the planks are offset a minor amount). This does provide a different effect. "Red Door #6" is being consigned at Epiphany Salon downtown Memphis. It was part of their grand opening show. If interested in purchasing it, simply contact the Epiphany Salon or myself. Hope you enjoy the recent updates.

Original Photo from the Porter's

"Porter's Path"

"Red Door #6" (for sale)

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